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Hi.  Thanks for visiting.

I'm an Australian freelance photographer based in Hong Kong.  My web site for professional photography services is

I've been teaching photography workshops since May 2002, and I regularly receive questions from my students and other enquirers about what camera or lens they should acquire. My web site for photography classes is

This web site,, is for FAQ responses and now also for hosting my detailed reviews of classic cameras so that anyone interested can learn how a specific camera is designed and what it can do or can't do. I hope that my analyses of camera designs might be helpful to someone's understanding of how cameras work, and how the design influences the way we capture photographic images.

Although I mostly use high-end digital cameras when I am commissioned to do a photo shoot, my personal interest lies mainly in older mechanical film cameras. I experience more joy from the use of simple mechanical cameras, especially those made during the period of 1955 to 1963. Most of the cameras I'll be reviewing on this web site are from that period.

If you have any questions or comments that you feel compelled to share, you can reach me by email at craig [at] alkiracamera [dot] com

My personal Instagram page can be found under the user name "craigsworkshop".

Kind Regards,

Craig Norris

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